Gday and welcome to my blog. The reason behind why I have created this blog is because I am very passionate about fishing. I created this blog to tell people of my fishing adventures and the tackle which I am using, it is not a blog restricted to just Murray Cod, as suggested by the name, but I also will post stories about all my fishing adventures, whether it be for Golden Perch, Trout and memorable fishing trips away. I ask you to always return to this site as it is still only new and I will be updating it fairly regularly, plus giving reports and stories of my fishing trips.

Just a short piece about me

I live near Albury, NSW and I regularly fish for Murray Cod and Golden Perch. Most of my time is spent fishing, sorting and maintaining my fishing gear and going to Uni to Study Environmental Science. I am always going on camping and Fishing trips with my mates and am always experimenting new techniques and tactics when I am fishing. Fishing is a great passion of mine, not only the act of fishing and catching fish, but the pure essence of being in some absolutely stunning and beautiful locations, spending quality time with mates, and being outdoors in the environment. My future goal is to get into the fisheries, to do my bit on maintaining the native fisheries of Australia, and because it is my career of choice

Cheers, Tom.

  1. Billy
    13/10/2011 at 5:01 am

    Your blog is one of a kind, I love the way you organize the topics. Good Read!

  2. Carmine
    15/10/2011 at 5:11 am

    Excellent blog here!

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